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Juli-Ausgabe des Vintage Guitar Magazine.

Joe Walsh played the lick that starts “Life In The Fast Lane” and learned slide from Duane Allman before using it on “Hotel California,” “Rocky Mountain Way,” and other megahits. He recently welcomed this ’59 Les Paul Standard back to his world.

Nearly 200 artists have a “signature” Martin, but only one was given their own style number. That’s right, Vahdah Olcott-Bickford ranks above all with her 00-44G.
In 1954, Jack Jones walked into a pawn shop and noticed a strange doubleneck guitar. For more than a decade, he used it at country-western gigs six nights each week, never knowing it was a rare custom Mosrite.
Certain classic Vox amps of the ’60s later became disappointing solid-state mutations. But the V-8 Berkeley Super Reverb stands as a nifty, California-made tube build.
“Pop ’N Hiss” reminds us how Live Album helped make Grand Funk Railroad the biggest band from the Motor City. Speaking of big, perhaps no guitarist impacted early rock and roll as much as Fran Beecher did in Bill Haley’s Comets. Wolf Marshall’s “Fretprints” digs in. And, Dan Forte’s “Check This Action” examines the many hues of blues.
In the age of “influencers,” it’s difficult to find objective reviews like you’ll find in “Approved Gear.” This month, we explain why the Banker Derringer ExcaliburMartin D-42 Modern DeluxeGretsch Electromatic Jet BaritoneTech 21 Steve HarrisDusky Electronics Toasted ODFender Nile Rodgers Hitmaker StratOrange Super Crush 100, and Great Eastern Small Speaker OD are worth your time and money.
And as always, our “Hit List” review staff is ready to help you find the best new music. This month, their list includes Robin TrowerPopa Chubby, the Rolling StonesMSGSurfrajettesMike CampbellRush, and more! Stopping in to talk about their new music are Andy Summers, Alex Lifeson, Davy Knowles, Shermy Freeman and Nicole Damoff of The Surfrajettes, Harvey Valdes, and Jeremy Popoff.
It’s all in the July issue of Vintage Guitar!


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