Fred Sokolov: Fretboard Roadmaps: Jazz Guitar


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This book/CD pack will get guitarists playing lead & rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key! It teaches a variety of lead guitar styles using moveable patterns, double-note licks, sliding pentatonics and more, through easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. The CD includes 54 full-demo tracks.


  • Notes On The Fretboard
  • The Major Scale
  • Two Moveable Major Chords And Their Variations
  • The I-iv-v Chord Families
  • Scalewise Progressions
  • Circle Of Fifths Progressions
  • The F-d-a Roadmap
  • Chord-based Soloing
  • Major Scales
  • Blues Boxes
  • Major Pentatonic Scales
  • Diminished And Augmented Scales
  • Using The Practice Tracks


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